Spine Surgery places increased demands on our bodies and is essentially “organized trauma” to our numerous body systems.  Many patients that undergo surgery are malnourished and their protein requirements almost double when surgery is indicated.

Besides proteins supplying our body with the structural amino acids and skeletal muscle tissue that is required for a more successful outcome, protein supplementation often prevents additional losses of skeletal muscle tissue and often decreases the healing time that the body requires after surgery.

A protein-rich diet is essential to counter the negative protein balance that occurs because of surgery

Protein Supplementation and Protein Requirements

1.5 grams of protein per kg of body weight/day


170 lbs. = 77kg

77kg times 1.5 grams of Protein  = 115.5grams/day

116g of Protein per day

For Calculations – see this article

Vitamin Supplementation

Calcium + Vitamin D

Oscal 500mg one tablet twice daily for at least 3 months

Helps with bone and structural formation

Vitamin C

One 500mg tablet twice daly for at least 3 months

Helps with incision site healing and scarring

Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter/Coconut Butter

Apply to the incision site(s) after 2 months to help keep your skin supple and smooth

Works like “oiling a baseball glove”

Minimizes scar formation


Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)


Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon