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The New Digital Age

imagesI just read an interesting article about a new coined term called “Digital Immigrants” and “Digital Natives”.   The article highlights many differences between the key date of 1985 with anyone born before 1985 being an “immigrant” and anyone after being a “native”.

I like to think that I’m a digital savvy “digital immigrant” when it comes to devices.  I do have a Facebook page, a twitter account, and a whole bunch of online accounts with every password under the sun.  But what is most interesting to me is the speed at which the natives can speed along through the digital media catalogs without any thought.    I don’t know about you but after a little while of staring at the screen, my eyes begin to see spots. This is when I highly encourage paper articles, tangible objects, and newspapers.

There are some “core”    principles that must be known whether its a generation from 50 years + to our most recent generations.  One of my common examples has to do with The Beatles – I’ll simply ask some of the people in the OR, “who were the 4 Beatles?”  You would be surprised by the results that I get!  Anesthesia usually waits to hear what the answers are and it usually sparks an entertaining discussion.

You can read this article here.  SpineLine

Anyways, hope you enjoy this article as much as I did. 🙂